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Trained Canine Handlers

Our canine handlers are professionals  specially trained to evaluate properties daily to discourage geese from forming the habit of frequenting your property to graze.

Trained Border Collies

We use specially trained Border Collies to chase the Canada Geese off of properties. Why Border Collies? Because they are "herding" dogs, trained to move the geese without harming them.



We are based in North Arlington, but we go where we are needed...


With over 16 years of professional experience conditioning flocks of Canada Geese to stay off of properties:

  • Property Evaluation
  • Flexible programs
  • Daily patrols
  • Discourage nesting
  • Assist in procuring a depredation permit if necessary

Keep employees and visitors safe on your property. Canada Geese are very protective during nesting season and will attack unprovoked if they have a nest  on the property. Many injuries happen when people entering or leaving a building try to avoid a goose charging at them while guarding their nest.

This can be avoided with our canine patrols!


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